New adventures

Memories of the countdown into 2010 are actually still fresh in my head. I’d say it feels like it happened yesterday and there’s no way I can put into words or stress on how much it feels like that; and now it’s 2011?

It’s all just going too fast man, seriously.

Happy New Year! (5 days late)

But what can ya do except move forward. Age another year, grow another grey, smile lines start to appear, get a tad wiser from last year’s mistakes etc.

I’m still thinking up my resolutions, may or may not post them up depending on how resolute I am about them. A few updates though:

  1. Added a ‘contact’ page (call me, e-mail me, get in touch with me, let’s sit down and talk photography).
  2. Added a ‘Project 365’ page – this will be fun, might turn into ‘a photo whenever possible’ page haha.
  3. Bought new gear, Nikkor 85mm f1.4 AI-s, what a beast!
  4. I’m open for business – I’ll let you do the marrying, let me do the photographing :)

Short story:

I came across Emiliano Granado a few weeks back while browsing through flickr. This photograph of a sunrise in Bahia Blanca, Argentina caught my eye. Story behind it is Emiliano was road tripping in Argentina when he quit his job and decided to become a photographer; few years down the road he’s giving away free prints (to anyone) of these shots taken in Argentina. I e-mailed requesting for a print, any print, to feature in my blog. Unfortunately all prints were booked within a day. I was unlucky. Oh well, anyway, nice enough of him to actually reply telling me he was out of prints. Said he’d send a postcard to make up for it.

And he did!


Awesome. First postcard I’ve received in years! Much thanks Emiliano!

Ya’ll take care. More wedding photographs to be posted soon. Nite.


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