Amsterdam 2011

I had the privilege of going to Amsterdam in middle of March for my real job; selling exhibition space to Oil & Gas moguls. I had not been there since I was a kid, barely remember a thing about Amsterdam except for the ducks and long walks with my family. But nothing about the sights, sounds, the other sights and sounds, architecture and skylines.

I had to pack light, camera gear-wise as I had a ton of work stuff to carry like files and floor plans of our exhibition space. I already had a hand carry and was bringing my Mandarina Duck sling bag for everyday use so an extra camera bag would just be too much luggage for one guy. I decided to limit myself to my 24mm, 50mm and 85mm. I should have just brought the 24 and the 85 as those were the only ones I used, especially the 24, it came in real handy. And I had to improvise in terms of padding, my Mandarina Duck was no camera bag. This resulted in me disemboweling my Lowepro Flipside 300’s pouch from its velcro strap and using it as a makeshift lens pouch; and let me tell you, it served its purpose all right.

These photographs are a glimpse of what I managed to capture during the 9 day stay in Amsterdam. Enjoy them I hope you will.

InsyaAllah I’ll be shooting weddings toward the end of May and middle of June. I can’t wait! God Willing all goes as planned and I will be able to post those weddings up in due course. In the mean time you guys take care and have a good evening.


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