Nadia + Harris 28.05.2011

After a 2 month dry spell the wedding season is kicking into gear again and alhamdulillah for that. Nadia and Harris approached my wife to shoot their wedding almost 2 months ago. It was the start of that long spell where weddings were almost nil. I had been itching to shoot Nadia and Harris from the time they had confirmed my services; mainly due to their gung – ho approach.

I sincerely thank you guys for giving me the opportunity as a photographer starting out in the scene.

Every wedding is a different story and from a photographer’s perspective (mine at least) many different things to play with. Nadia and Harris’ nikah + reception definitely had a punch to it that I will always be grateful for.

There are very few people in this world who embrace life as it is and exude empathy as much as Nadia and Harris do. You guys rock!

Looking forward to our outdoor session :)


2 thoughts on “Nadia + Harris 28.05.2011

  1. Lovely pictures the groom happens to be a friend of my husband. you seem to have captured their essence

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