She be Bakin’

I was looking for something new to try and found it at the right moment. Food Photography! Farah’s been baking non stop over the last 3 weeks and this is all in anticipation of the kuih raya or ‘Raya Cookie’ craze that’s due happen.

Farah’s got 3 types of cookies on sale:

1. Chocolate Corn Chips – RM28 for 60 pieces.
2. Totally Chocolate Chocolate Chips – RM30 for 60 pieces.
3. Viennese Fingers – RM28 for 60 pieces.

So far alhamdulillah it’s been good and it has kept Farah uber busy lately. This is her first time baking and I must say they taste pretty darn good. I mean c’mon, what am I supposed to say, I’m her husband! But seriously, they taste pretty good ;)

Check ’em out!

Chocolate Corn Chips

Totally Chocolate Chocolate Chips

Viennese Fingers are in the process of being photographed. Stay tuned for an update!

If you’d like to order, you can either call me at 016 209 3244 or Farah at 012 385 3244.

Happy Fasting!


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