Welcome 2012

I know it’s a little late but, welcome to the new year!

I still remember the day I set up this blog like it was yesterday. In fact, my first blog post was done on the very same chair I’m sitting on right now! I’m thankful for 2011, a lot of lessons learnt, a good number of weddings shot (hoping for more this year) and I’m just looking forward to more of it honestly. It’ll be tough though, with my real job’s project kicking into full gear this year. Things look a little uncertain too in the ‘stable job department’; once the project ends in June and final reports are done with, I’m out of a job, which means I have to start looking now. But then I argue with the fact that if I start looking now, there’s always the fear of distraction. Ahh well, I’ll worry about that as time passes. I’ll deal with it as I have dealt with other life changing situations in my life.

When I started this blog, I had the intention of it being more than just a photoblog, yes I wanted to share the weddings I’ve shot, and yes I wanted to share my personal projects but I also wanted to share more about myself in my posts which I feel that I did not. I’m done with excuses. And…simply put, that’s fueling my drive to one up myself this year. Photography to me is more than just a source of side income. I’ve sort of lost the plot as to what it means to me, and I mean that in a positive kind of way. Photography is more than documentation, self expression or capturing the moment…I can’t quite put my finger on it right now, when I do I’ll let you know, and it might just be the pictures doing the talking when the time comes.

I wish to thank all who have let me grow as a person over the last year, the Almighty of course, Farah my wife, my parents, my colleagues, individuals whose weddings I shot in 2011: Shahida + Ariff, Nadia + Harris, Zaffri + Azilla, Winnie + Sham, Shidi + Syariza, Diyana + Firzuan, other opportunities I’ve had to shoot for like Jieha’s daughter’s first birthday, Luqman’s performance at RTM, Naz who deserves a big thank you for really giving me the opportunity to shoot with him, Nik who took me in as second photographer for a wedding in early November. Thank you all, and if I missed anyone, you know I didn’t mean to.

The last wedding I shot in 2011 – November’s Diyana and Firzuan’s do in Kluang, Johor.


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