The Almost Black & White Post

A number of things happened over the new year, some of which happened literally on the first day of the new year; almost like an overnight shift. Some of which are reflected in this post. Others may be shared at a later time when I feel it is appropriate. I feel like there’s so much I need to do and with so little time; I’m just afraid I will not be able to accomplish it all. May Allah grant me the ability to do what I intend and still fulfill my responsibilities. I’m just glad I am able to share this change with Farah; I could not have asked for a better partner for me to experience this with and only Allah knows best. And no I’m not just referring to photography.

My family was in Cameron Highlands over the new year (yes this post is a little late) and the world of Black & White just consumed me. I felt like shooting everything in Black & White; it’s just something I cannot explain. I needed the Cameron Highlands trip; a getaway from the city for some fresh air, relaxation, recharge and just to get away from it all was what my body had been craving for for sometime now. I’m glad I went.


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