Best of 2013

It has been a very long time, too long in fact and I’m making some changes after a busy 2013 and back in the game. Inquire within for rates/packages.

Here are some of my favourites from the last year :)

VID_7705 VID_7519 VID_7804 VID_7824 VID_7948 VID_8023 VID_8025 VID_8346 VID_8619 VID_8674 copy VID_8679 copy VID_8692 VID_8719 copy VID_8720 copy VID_8721 copy VID_8837 copy VID_8862 copyblue VID_8902 copy VID_8970 copy VID_0004 VID_0056 VID_9234 copy VID_9266 VID_9667 copy VID_0172 VID_0214 VID_0240 VID_0258 VID_0462bw VID_0904bw VID_0913 VID_0921 copy VID_0955 copy VID_2958 copy VID_2959 copy VID_3006 copy VID_3010 copy VID_3013 copy VID_3074 copy copy VID_3090 copy VID_3185 copy VID_3446 copy VID_3454 copy VID_3458 copy VID_3462 copy


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